Purple Sugilite

Purple Sugilite

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Sugilite is a hexagonal crystal, most specimens are a deep purple in color, and the hardness on the Moh scale is 6 to 6.5.

So let’s look at Purple Sugilite first… often in the crystal literature Sugilite is seen as a crystal which is pouring the Purple Ray down into the physical plane.

But… I am not in total agreement with this… because that would be Purple Stichtite (Trigonal Purple).

Instead, as a Hexagonal Purple, Sugilite is pouring the Purple Ray down into our minds… into our Solar Plexus chakra.

Which when you think about it, is where most people hang out… where they choose to place their consciousness 24/7…. and where most of us register any new vibration.

So it is not surprising that when we experience Sugilite we feel that it is grounding into us… because we are more identified with our minds then with our physical bodies.

That’s the odd thing about humans, we often identify a vibration as being more real when it touches our minds, then if it touches our physical bodies… because we spend so much time in our heads!

So for me, Sugilite is all about the Purple Vibe… of imagination, and inspiration, and meditation (i.e. expansion of consciousness)… but flowing into our minds… allowing us to let go of our limited mental perspectives… and so see the vastly bigger picture.

And when that happens… then this can trigger the physical healing that you sometimes read about with Sugilite. Because that individual’s mind suddenly relaxes, and realizes that it doesn’t need to hold on to the limiting emotions / beliefs which have incubated their illness.

For anyone living through a difficult period in their life, Sugilite can be very calming and re-assuring... because it allows them to see beyond their present circumstances... re-connect with a larger and more positive life-vision.

As the spiritual writer David R. Hawkins used to say… true healing is really about shifting your consciousness to a higher level… and that’s what I believe Sugilite does… it brings the Purple Vibe into our minds… and allows our consciousness to expand beyond our mental limitations… beyond our belief constrictions.

Because to quote Einstein’s now famous words… “You can’t solve a problem with the same level of consciousness which created it.”

So Sugilite is all about shifting your mental consciousness up a level… which allows true healing to spontaneously and naturally occur.

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